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iMARBLE Pro: Marble Solitaire


iMARBLE Pro Marble Solitaire is a popular Board Puzzle. All popular Peg Solitaire and Brainvita board games from across the world are included. Solutions are provided for all board types. It is kids friendly with option to use balls, fruits etc. apart from lots of colorful marbles!The goal of the game is to remove marbles from a board till you are left with just one marble. The only rule is that you need to move a marble into an empty slot by jumping over exactly one marble.FEATURES✓ 8 popular boards (see list below)✓ Solutions to help learn the game✓ Thousands of customizable HD themes✓ No ads, no permissions✓ Kids friendly✓ Lightweight & supports SD card installThe following boards are included in this game pack:1. English Board2. European (French) Board3. Wiegleb's (German) Board4. Asymmetrical (Cross) Board5. Continental Board6. Diamond Board7. Square 6x6 Board8. Square 9x9 Board